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June 08
Podcast 248 - Wash Bill Gates Cars

Because of my dedication to my craft, I recorded tonight's podcast from a hotel room in Texas. I started out by addressing some hate mail I received from Windows Phone lovers. After I address that, and wipe my tears, I go on to talking about how great Windows 10 is (please don't send me more hate mail) and I finish up with some SharePoint content. (please don't send me more hate mail)
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Podcast 248 - Wash Bill Gates Cars (Time 0_23_48;05)

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Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 34:54


05:10 - CMSWire Transcript of Podcast 247, "Is it time to lose your Windows Phone?"
14:30 - Here Are the Features Windows 10 Will Remove When You Upgrade
16:30 - My CMSWire Author page
18:57 - Windows 10 Release date is July 29th
19:40 - Windows 10 System Requirements
19:58 - Windows 10 Upgrade Matrix: Which Version You Get For Free
20:35 - A Few More Answers About Windows 10 Upgrades
22:29 - Creating a Wildcard DNS Record for Fun and Profit
24:48 - How to Rename SharePoint 2013 Site Collections Without Prayer or Sobbing

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