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May 21
Podcast 247 - Power the Mouses

Tonight's episode is all over the board as I try to get caught up from Ignite. I start out by making some changes in my studio, thanks to one of the podcast Hooligans. Then I cover some Windows Phone news, and I show you an easy way to troubleshoot why your devices take so long to charge. I follow that up with some advice about how to start your own podcast. I finish up with some fun news about the May 2015 CUs to SharePoint and more news about SharePoint 2016.

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Podcast 247 - Power the Mouses (Time 0_13_42;14)

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Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 53:13


08:00 - Change the Podcast Home Page
23:27 - Buy USB Meter
24:30 - Windows 10 Insider Preview 10080 build for phone is now available!
28:06 - Windows Phone Recovery Tool
28:46 - Microsoft is going to control Windows Phone patches going forward
31:35 - How a Podcast Is Born
38:30 - May 2015 CUs are out
42:44 - SharePoint 2013 April CU 2015 fails to install on just about everything
40:42 -SharePoint 2013 patch alerts
46:39 - What's new in SharePoint 2016 Installation and Deployment
50:09 - Alaska SharePoint User Group
50:43 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
51:02 - SharePointalooza
51:26 - SPTechCon

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No recovery tool for Sprint Ativ S Neo Windows phone

I was hit with the developer issue that crippled my phone. Regretfully all the tools I have found so far don't support the my model? :(.

Anyone know of a restore option with sprint windows phone?
 on 5/27/2015 5:47 PM

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