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May 14
Podcast 246 - Secret Bat Entrance

This week's Podcast is all about Microsoft Ignite and SharePoint 2016. I talk about all the fun things I did, the fun parties I went to, and all the fun bus rides I went on. I also introduce my audience to Pat The SharePoint Cow. I end the show telling you how you get a lot of the Ignite material for free on the Internet. All the great content without the risk of running into me on the exhibit hall floor. Win-win!

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Podcast 246 - Secret Bat Entrance (Time 0_43_24;10)

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Part 1 – Transcription by CMSWire

Running Time: 50:24


02:45 - Microsoft Ignite
11:48 - Pat Thesharepointcow
19:01 - Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi
19:45 - Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror
21:19 - Paul Thurrott
21:52 - Top 25 Influencers
28:11 - Upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2013 and Ready for Cloud Potential
29:49 - What's New for IT Professionals in SharePoint Server 2016
42:25 - Implementing Next Generation SharePoint Hybrid Search with the Cloud Search Service Application
43:02 - Download any Ignite 2015 session
43:45 - Driving User Adoption from a Technical Standpoint for SharePoint, Exchange and Office 365
44:03 - Bulk download Ignite Sessions
48:22 - Alaska SharePoint User Group
49:08 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
49:09 - SharePointalooza

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Powershell script to delete profiles missing from import


Please help me in finding a script to delete profiles missing from import.

as Mysite cleanup job is running, but still some user's profile weren't deleting. Could you please help me to sort out the issue by proving the script.
 on 7/15/2015 3:30 AM

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