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April 17
Podcast 243 - Set-Podcast -Name 'With Jeff Hicks'

Tonight's episode showcases the comedic stylings and PowerShell prowess of PowerShell MVP, Jeff Hicks. He talks about all things PowerShell and puts up with me for nearly an hour. We talk about a recent series of blog posts that help improve your PowerShell Function writing. There's also some general gushing about how great PowerShell is. Then he tells us what's so darned exciting about DSC, and what it is. In a very anti-climactic ending, I talk about a new app for the Microsoft Band, and some bad experiences I had with Windows Phone.
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Podcast 243 - Set-Podcast -Name 'With Jeff Hicks' (Time 0_02_19;17)

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Podcast Transcription courtesy of CMSWire

Running Time: 1:07:06


09:50 - Ebook version of a Week of Blog Posts
11:00 - Week of Blog Posts blog post
31:42 - Sapien
40:25 - PowerShell Summit
53:57 - Microsoft Band app for Windows
59:40 - Windows Phone Recovery Tool
1:01:54 - SharePoint Evolution
1:02:20 - Microsoft Ignite
1:03:15 - PowerShell booth at Microsoft Ignite
1:03:42 - Alaska SharePoint User Group
1:04:25 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
1:05:11 - SharePointalooza

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Re: Podcast 243 - Set-Podcast -Name 'With Jeff Hicks'

Great show, Todd!
 on 4/17/2015 10:41 PM

Re: Podcast 243 - Set-Podcast -Name 'With Jeff Hicks'

Thanks, Adam. It was a pleasure to see you in the chatroom.

Todd O. KlindtNo presence information on 4/18/2015 10:49 AM

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