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April 02
Podcast 241 - I Might not be Cool Enough

In tonight's Podcast I ask for your opinion on some pieces of the Podcast. Then I talk about some Windows 10 topics. There's a new Preview coming out, and it will be available to more Windows Phones. Then I talk about some weird issues with recent Cumulative Updates. Then I talk about some recent password weirdness.

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Video File

Podcast 241 - I Might not be Cool Enough (Time 0_24_33;15)

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Podcast Transcription courtesy of CMSWire

Running Time: 42:19


06:23 - Transcription by CMSwire
18:40 - Sign up for Windows Insider
20:15 - Windows 10 preview available for more phones
20:54 Install the Windows Insider app
23:25 Registry settings in recent Cus
25:35 - Process Monitor
33:24 - LastPass
33:58 - KeePass
34:10 - 1Password
37:29 - SharePoint Evolution
38:18 - Microsoft Ignite
39:34 - Mississippi PowerShell User Group
40:25 - SharePointalooza

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