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February 16
Podcast 235 - Pipe Dream, Unicorns, and Pixy Dust

We filmed this Podcast live at SPTechCon in Austin. Shane joined in the fun. The audio is a little rough, though. Sorry. He and I chat about the future of SharePoint and what it means for us and businesses. We move to Windows 10 and my addiction to gadgets. Then he gets me into trouble with my wife and makes me tell a story about a spanking I got as a child. Good times for everyone involved.

Audio File

Video File

Podcast 235 - Pipe Dream, Unicorns, and Pixy Dust (Time 0_24_07;10)

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Running Time: 51:18


18:35 - How to upgrade to Windows 10 via Windows Update
30:00 - Toshiba Encore Mini Unboxing Video

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