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November 20
Netcast 223 - Crawl Your People Separately

Tonight's episode was recorded back in my regular time slot. I talk about a few updates. The November CUs for SharePoint came out, as did an important update for OneDrive for Business. I also show you how to look into the future and what's going to happen next in Office 365. Then I talk about how you can make my upcoming birthday even more happy. I finish up by talking about another gadget I've purchased and some tips on how to make SharePoint Search better.

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Video File

Netcast 223 - Crawl Your People Separately (Time 0_37_59;07)

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Running Time: 38:22


02:19 -
10:30 - OneDrive for Business November Update
12:30 - Office 365 Roadmap
17:20 - Lync will be Skype for Business
19:30 - Birthday Charity drive
21:40 - Jonathan's Dumb Podcast
23:30 - Plugable Pro 8 Doc on Amazon
27:30 - Search Best Practices
30:14 - Manage Crawl Load in SharePoint 2010

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