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August 22
Netcast 211 - Patch Ninja Achievement Unlocked

Another Netcast, another video failure. *sigh* When my video recording software wasn't crashing I talked about why I was gone last week. I also talk about some cool Windows Phone stuff coming down the pike, and how patching both SharePoint and Windows has gotten really complicated in the last month. Then I talk about hacking Shane's car. Please don't tell him.
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Video File


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Running Time: 49:31


  1. 08:00 - Guitar camp
  2. 16:25 - Offline maps with Here Maps
  3. 18:21 - Windows Phone update
  4. 24:51 - August 2014 CUs are out for SharePoint
  5. 31:52 - August Windows 8.1 yanked
  6. 33:00 - Community-supplied Fix for August Blue Screens
  7. 35:31 - Windows Threshold technical preview expected late September
  8. 36:50 - OBD Auto Doctor is a must-have Windows Phone app for any DIY auto enthusiast
  9. 38:15 - ODB Reader
  10. 40:25 – Shameless Self-Promotion

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