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August 11
Netcast 209 - Kitten Juggling Ring

Tonight's Netcast is all over the board, in a good way. I start off giving my opinions on luck vs. hard work with a funny video I saw on the Internet. Then I follow up with some more technical, but less entertaining talk about URL rewriting and SharePoint Search performance. I follow it up by showing off what's new in the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1. Overall, not the worst work I've done.

Audio File

Video File


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Running Time: 40:58


03:47 - Luck vs. Hard work video
07:58 - 10 URL Rewriting Tips and Tricks (URL at 11:41)
10:44 - Using 301 Redirect URL Rewrite module to Redirect SharePoint urls
27:32 - Removing unwanted user related search results for SharePoint 2013 websites
30:38 - Update for Windows Phone 8.1 is rolling out

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URL rewriting and SP web services

Hi Todd!
Wondering if you can offer any insight on this - I have exhausted Google! This weekend we changed our AAM by adding the FQDN so now users (both internal and external) can access SP2013 as Internal users can use the FQDN or just http://server as IIS URL reqrie has been set up (not by me).
Everything worked fine except 3 things... custom code that calls SP webservices e.g. Lists.asmx, Colligo which had the shortnames configured for users and publishing using Infopath.

If I'm not mistaken the common factor in all of these is the use of Webservices. So the question is, are you aware of any reason why these would now start to fail? No credentials being passed (claims)?

To try and combat this, the 3rd party then extended the web app so that the 2 address formats are served up from 2 different IIS sites. Now Colligo is happy.
I'm still tring to get my custom app to work. I get nothing more than a generic soap exception. I have changed the web service references in my app from shortname to FQDN and back again, no difference. This was working right up till the moment that IIS Url rewrite was employed. Nothing in IIS/ULS logs, event viewer
 on 11/17/2014 2:04 PM

Can ignore previous comment

Hi again Todd, I think I've solved it! Can disregard my previous comment. Cheers Jay
 on 11/17/2014 4:35 PM

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