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Category : PowerShell

April 11
PowerShell Training with Me
January 17
How to Add a Domain to Office 365 and Azure using PowerShell
December 08
Getting “Unable to assign this license because it is invalid” in Office 365 PowerShell with Set-MsolUserLicense when you know darn well it’s valid
October 17
Using PowerShell to Specify License Plans in Office 365
December 06
How to Adapt your older SharePoint PowerShell Scripts to Support SharePoint 2016
December 02
How to Retrieve Passwords Stored in Windows with PowerShell
December 01
How to Change Server’s Minrole in SharePoint 2016
May 31
How to Rename SharePoint 2013 Site Collections Without Prayer or Sobbing
May 30
Creating a Wildcard DNS Record for Fun and Profit
April 06
How To Write PowerShell Functions in a Week of Blog Posts
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